Sunday, May 24, 2015

Free 360Motions Interactive Projection

Step: 1
Download Main Software Click Here 
(if you have trouble in download please comment I am New to Blogger)

Main Software consist of main control box, Run This software on Your Computer.

Step: 2
Download Animation Software
(Water Effect) Click Here
Run this software on projector
How to Use Animation Software:
1. Drag exe on projector screen and run there.
2. Press "Esc" Key to Close the animation animation takes full screen Default is 800x600.

Step: 3
Hardware Setup
1. Projector
2. Web camera

Step: 4
Have a fun....
if you don't have Projector Don't Worry Your laptop screen and Webcam present on laptop can do the Job

Step: 5
Comment....for more interactive projections and code

Step: 6
Guide me to make this blog simple and attractive, Interactive

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  1. how can we make our own effects for this software ?

  2. hello can you make another projection for me which similar to this but I need this in my case where I move the mouse flower will be move then and everytime a new custom message will be show on the screen when flowers are moved away from the screen. After 15 seconds flowers will come back again on their places.

    Best Regards Moeez Raja